What is a Cosmetic Dentist?

Is your smile causing you to lose confidence in yourself? Do you feel the need to hide your smile when in the company of others? Is your smile keeping you from applying for that promotion or that dream job? You should consider seeing a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, gums and teeth. Through various techniques and treatments, patients are able to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile. This goes a long way in improving their confidence and their lives in general.

What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Are you wondering “what is a cosmetic dentist” and what can they do for you? An esthetic dentist offers various procedures and treatments to help fix oral problems that affect the appearance of a person’s smile. These professionals work on everything from minor problems such as stains on the teeth to more severe problems requiring surgery. Some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures are outlined below.

  • Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most basic and most popular procedures. It is also one of the least expensive. Teeth whitening is a procedure used to get rid of stains on teeth and brighten up your smile. Teeth can become stained from food, beverages, habits such as smoking or from taking certain medications. While it seems like a simple change, brightening your teeth can have a big impact on your overall appearance.

There are many over-the-counter products available for teeth whitening. However, they cannot provide the same results as professional whitening. In addition, these products can cause damage to the teeth.

  • Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells that are placed on the outer surface of the teeth. These shells are the same color as natural teeth. They are made from resin, porcelain or ceramic. They are used to improve the appearance of the teeth. They can be used to repair teeth with damaged enamel, crooked teeth as well as gaps between the teeth.

A skilled dentist will apply veneers to mimic your natural teeth. Some of the enamel on your natural teeth is removed and the shells are bonded to the surface of the teeth. The veneers have the added benefit of protecting the teeth underneath from damage.

  • Dental Crowns

While dental crowns offer many aesthetic benefits they also offer many protective benefits. Dental crowns are caps that are fitted over damaged teeth. These caps are similar in appearance to natural teeth. They can be used to improve the appearance of damaged teeth. They can also be used to provide teeth with additional support for example, after a root canal.

  • Dental Implants

If you have lost teeth, dental implants can be used to replace your missing teeth. The implant acts as the anchor to a dental crown. It is inserted into the jawbone and acts as the root. A dental crown is then installed above the gum in place of the missing tooth. The replacement will look and function just like your natural teeth.

Reasons to See a Cosmetic Dentist

There are many reasons you may want to see a dentist for a cosmetic dental procedure. These include:

  • To repair the damage caused by tooth decay
  • To repair physical damage to the teeth e.g. cracks, chips
  • To repair crooked teeth
  • To fix discoloration
  • To replace missing teeth

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