Tips for Good Dental Habits for Kids

Here are 9 tips for good dental habits in kids.

  1. Be a good example. The old saying that kids sometimes do as their parents say but never fail to do what they do is true in this instance. They will copy your brushing and eating habits.
  2. Ban sticky foods like fruit gummies and fruit leather.
  3. Supervise your children’s tooth brushing.
  4. Teach them flossing, and reteach them at regular intervals.
  5. Buy them a small sand timer to help them know how long to brush.
  6. Replace their toothbrush every three to four months or more frequently if it shows signs of wear.
  7. If you child’s toothbrush shows wear quickly review with them that brushing is to be done softly, to brush away the plaque, not scrub it away.
  8. If your child has an ipad investigate toothbrushing timer apps. There are several free apps out there. There is a tiger app and a little monster app for toothbrush timing.
  9. Brush DJ is another app for toothbrushing. It features several songs and has handy reminders and hints.

We know it’s not always easy to get your kids to brush but we hope we’ve provided a few helpful hints to give you renewed purpose!

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