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Restorative Services


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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Do you have a broken or chipped tooth? Have you had a root canal or had a tooth extracted? You could benefit from our restorative dentistry in Kenmore. Restorative dentistry is a term used to refer to any dental procedure designed to repair or replace teeth. Restorative dental procedures are done with two goals in mind, to restore functions such as chewing and to restore the appearance of the teeth. In some cases the procedure may only achieve one of these goals as is the case with cosmetic dentistry in Kenmore. In many cases, restorative procedures achieve both goals. If you’re searching for restorative services that Kenmore residents trust for the best results, contact Emerson DDS to schedule an appointment with our dentist and explore the options available to you.

Why is Restorative Dentistry So Important?

Our restorative services in Kenmore offer many benefits. These include:

Restoring function

A chipped, broken, or badly decayed tooth can interfere with the function of your teeth. Our dental procedures can help restore function to your teeth. You will be able to talk and eat once again with ease.

Eliminating pain

Damaged teeth can result in severe pain and discomfort. While painkillers will help, they are only a temporary solution. Our qualified dentist will provide you with a long term solution to the pain. We provide services that correct the problem and help to eliminate pain.

Improving your appearance

Your smile is important for your confidence as well as for creating a good impression. Many people become self-conscious when they lose a tooth or have a chipped or discolored tooth. They may even lose some confidence and this may affect other areas of their lives. We offer services to help restore your smile and your confidence. Our procedures will help make your damaged teeth look better. You will be able to smile with confidence.

Avoiding further damage

Ignoring a dental issue won’t make it go away. If anything, it will only make it worse. You can avoid further damage to your oral health by getting timely treatment for your current dental issue. A timely root canal can help you avoid having to lose your natural tooth. A crown can help to restore strength to the tooth and prevent cracking or breaking.

Preserving the density of your jaw bone

Missing teeth are not only an aesthetic problem. A missing tooth will result in the loss of jaw bone density. Your teeth will shift as a result causing problems with your bite. We can replace your missing teeth to prevent this.

What Does Restorative Dentistry Include?

At Emerson DDS, we offer a wide range of restorative dentistry procedures in Kenmore. These include:

  • Filling cavities – this helps to prevent further decay of the tooth and ensures that you can retain your natural tooth. It also helps to restore the function of the tooth.
  • Root canal treatment – This procedure is done to restore badly decayed teeth. It involves the removal of the soft pulp from within the tooth. It restores the function of the tooth, eliminates pain and ensures you can retain your natural tooth.
  • Dental implants – these are used to replace missing teeth and restore function. This procedure prevents jaw bone density loss and improves the appearance of your smile.
  • Crowns – these are used to cover the damaged teeth. They help to strengthen the tooth, restore function and improve its appearance.

Restore Your Smile Today!

Are you searching for restorative or cosmetic dentistry Kenmore residents trust for the best results? Contact Emerson DDS and request a dental appointment with our team online. You can call (425) 486-2715 for restorative services in Kenmore. Get in touch with us if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help.

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