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We accommodate patients appointments efficiently.   The cost of dentistry in this office is competitive, and we will respect your financial needs as you often have treatment options.  We submit through insurance on your behalf should you need this, please have your insurance information readily available.  If you leave us a message we will respond within 24 hours and you will be seen for consult within 2 weeks of your request.

Dental Care with Dr. Emerson’s Team

We encourage all our patients to see us on a regular basis so we can help them maintain their teeth and oral health. Consistency in having good dental care affects patients’ dental comfort, facial appearance, ability to eat (and it may determine what they can eat), as well as their general health.  Consistently getting good dental care also affects patients’ future need for (or avoidance of, if treated early) prosthetics such as dentures, implants, or strengthening veneers or crowns.  Early detection of conditions by Dr. Emerson or a referring dentist and timely treatment by Dr. Emerson or other specialist can keep your oral health and general health at the highest level of oral comfort, function, and appearance –as well as at lower long-term dental costs.  Early detection and timely treatment are key to maintaining good oral health and functional teeth!

The Dental Team of Dr. Emerson Expands, When Needed, to a Network of Specialists

Welcome to our offices.   We practice what we preach in offering patients the best of all worlds in dentistry for patients needing an innovative comprehensive team approach which crosses over various specialist dental disciplines.  When you choose dental care with us, you have access to a highly skilled network of comprehensive and specialty dental care practitioners in the North Seattle area who communicate together regularly to provide comprehensive, convenient, accessible dental health care supported by the latest technology and research.  Each of these dentists and technicians are committed to patient education and dental disease prevention, and to personal dental care planning and comprehensive follow-up which may occur in the offices or surgery centers of multiple dental specialists.  

The availability of this unique network makes the outstanding dentistry and services of these unusually fine dentists very different from that of others!


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Welcome to our office!  We practice what we preach!  We are different because when you choose dental care with us you have access to a network of comprehensive and specialty dental care practitioners who communicate together regularly for comprehensive, convenient, accessible dental health care supported by the latest technology and research, commitment to patient education and dental disease prevention, and personal dental care planning with comprehensive follow-up.   

The Quality of Dental Materials and Up-Dated Techniques Are crucial to Long-term Patient Satisfaction

The North Seattle Restorative and Preventative Dentistry office lead by Dr. Jennifer Emerson and her team are experienced using the finest dental resources available.  Materials and other resources used by our office stand-up in the long term because of their high quality, the up-dated techniques used to make them, and the skill of Dr. Emerson and her team in preparing and performing treatments for patients.

The Dental Insurance Question

We understand the hardship patients face with regards to dental insurance as related to your procedural covered benefits.  In some cases you are forced to choose a dental plan with specific coverage coding, in other cases you can opt out.  Many insurance plans only partially cover the higher quality dental materials, office equipment, or lab costs; but this office is known for using materials which stand up longer and do not deteriorate in the long-term. We know that the better materials and methods of higher quality dentistry may cost more initially, but experience has shown these are well worth the slightly higher fees in long-term patient satisfaction concerning the many resulting aspects of good dental health. 

Better and more satisfying dentistry is the long-term choice we prefer to offer patients (along with a warranty).   However, we will provide you a choice in the quality and longevity of your dental health care procedures.  Our applications for participation in Premera and Regence are pending.  Please review your personal dental care options. 

Post Operative Care

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