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Kids Dentist Kenmore, WA

Kids Dentist

Providing Gentle Dental Care for Kids of All Ages

We are committed to providing all our patients dental care which is evidence based. This means our dental procedures incorporate all of the most current scientific evidence to assess the condition of each patient’s dental health. We then create a personalized dental profile and help you understand and take part in decisions regarding any treatment that is needed. Our approach has proved to be successful at each stage of treatment regardless of the age of the patient.

Our ultimate goal will always be to support the dental health of our patients with the options they choose and answer their questions. The following are frequently asked by patients: Is this going to be painful? How much time will it take? How expensive is this? How long will this last? If I were your mother/father/child with this situation, would you recommend this treatment? We believe informed patients can make better choices about their options for treating their dental needs.

A gentle approach with young children leads to a lifetime of good dental habits and fearless visits for dental care. Our office provides and manages prevention and restorative dentistry for children who have a wide range of needs. Fortunately, most of our young patients need only routine dental care.

We also treat children with missing teeth, unusually slender teeth or peg-laterals, malformed enamel, broken teeth caused by traumatic events, and we provide long-term follow-up for functional and appearance concerns. We also provide the occasional need for coordinating implant placement during child development and a long-term analysis of the esthetics of the smile of a growing child.

Like other medical disciplines, we know the value of sometimes involving another dental specialist for a portion of a child’s care so that a growing child receives the most comfortable means of treatment when timing and expertise may be crucial to the nutrition of a child. Poor nutrition may be a result of a child’s inability to chew food effectively. This dental problem of growing children may be the result of the movement of teeth during thumb sucking or the use of pacifiers. This condition of certain young patients (as well as certain adults) relates to inadequate nutrition from the inability to chew correctly; but it can also create an opportunity for building self-esteem through improving the esthetics of their smile which affects the rest of their lives. For example, a retainer can sometimes help to bring a young child’s teeth back into appropriate alignment.



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