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Nite Bite Guards

Night Guards/Bite Guards

Night Guards/Bite Guards are used to control our subconscious habits at night.

Occlusion is evaluated in order to preserve a well maintained mouth.  The bite guard can help to keep your subconscious habits from effecting change, and often wearing a bite guard means you will need less dental reconstruction. 

Just as we get regular check-up with a physician regarding the over-all health of our body in view of long-term medical consequences, consistent maintenance of our teeth leads to the need for fewer major dental procedures.  This can limit the loss of teeth!  We welcome being your support system for the maintenance of your family’s dental health as your children become adults and as you and your parents age.

Historians indicate that we are not meant to keep our teeth past child-bearing age.  Yet now days we expect more from our teeth as we live longer.  Current science shows that certain dental conditions worsen with age.  These include dry mouth in adults as well as clenching and grinding habits.  Adults who expect teeth to remain healthy without careful maintenance may lose their teeth quite early.

Besides routine dental  cleanings by a hygienist and a yearly exam by a dentist, the use of dental appliances and bite guards at home can save teeth and bone.  These home appliances include electric toothbrushes, floss, and night guards.  These can be a pivotal variable in determining dental treatment options regarding reconstruction which saves teeth and bone.  They may also avoid or delay the need for more aggressive implant dentistry or dentures. 

Your biology and genetics often dictate dental conditions for which you find yourself needing to make difficult dental choices for maintaining good dental health. 

Long-time good home care with support from our helpful team has promoted treatment success for our patients of all ages.



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