New to Dentures?

North Seattle Restorative and Preventative Dentistry, your local dentist, is your ally in your lifelong dental health. If the time has come for your to have dentures there are a few things to learn to make life with dentures easy. Dentures can be a full metal framework of teeth or a partial. In many cases, they are the best option to restore a natural-looking smile and functioning teeth.

Kenmore Dentures

Here is beginning list to help you get used to your new dentures.
It will take a few day for your mouth and tongue to get used to your new dentures but don’t worry, very soon it will seem like it’s been there for years.

Talking will feel strange for a few day, practice at home to reteach the muscles of your mouth.

Eating will also take adjustment. Start with soft foods and chew thoroughly. Practice chewing on both sides of your mouth.

Sleeping with dentures is the best way to help get the muscles of your face and mouth used to them. In the beginning, they may fall out during the night so it might be a good idea to kennel any chewy dogs while you get used to your dentures.

Clean your dentures every day. Rinse them off well after every meal and then follow your dentist’s instructions to clean them.

Never wrap them in a tissue or towel when you don’t have them in since they could easily be mistaken for trash or laundry and thrown out or washed and destroyed.

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