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Dentist in Shoreline, WA

What is a Dentist?

When was the last time you saw a dentist? Many people avoid going to the dentist and only seek out a dentist when they are in pain. However, there is much more to dental care than pulling out teeth or filling up cavities. A dentist is a doctor that specializes in oral health. Dentists diagnose oral diseases, create oral health management plans for their patients to prevent the development of oral health problems, monitor the growth and development of the teeth and jaws, manage trauma to the oral cavity and perform surgical procedures to the jaw bone, teeth and soft tissues within the oral cavity. Emerson, DDS is a highly skilled and qualified dentist Shoreline residents trust for the best dental care. Contact us to learn more about our dental clinic Shoreline services.

How Can a Dentist Shoreline Help You?

It is advisable to see a dentist at least twice a year even if you do not have any obvious oral health issues. When you book an appointment at our clinic you will have the opportunity to be examined by a qualified and experienced dentist Shoreline residents trust for the best care. Our dentist will examine your mouth and teeth for signs of decay and oral diseases such as oral cancer. The dentist will also examine you for other oral issues such as uneven bite. Detecting oral health issues early ensures that you can receive the care and treatment you need to prevent the development of complications.

Our dentist will also provide you with guidance on the best way to care for your teeth. We will help you maintain good oral health for the long term.

We Also Provide the Following Services:

Why Choose North Seattle Restorative and Preventative Dentistry?

Are you searching for a dental clinic in Shoreline? We offer a wide range of services aimed at meeting the needs of the entire family. Whether you’re in need of dental implant Shoreline services or simply want to ensure your children get their oral health checkups in time, you can rely on our clinic for the best care.

We are your one stop dental clinic for dental services in Shoreline. You can get all your needs met under one roof when you choose our dental clinic. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Living in Shoreline

Tucked away in the north of Seattle is the quiet suburb known as Shoreline. Once covered completely by forest, this neighborhood has grown into a community hub for those looking to enjoy the amenities of the big city of Seattle while still being able to enjoy the quiet and laid-back life that rural living offers.

Shoreline offers residents access to a high standard of living with its new luxury developments. Hidden amongst the cul-de-sacs and twisting roads are hints to its history as a hub for railroad prospectors. The quiet neighborhood has an upbeat social life with a wide variety of restaurants and bars in the downtown area.

Shoreline is the perfect place for those that love an active lifestyle. There’s something for everyone from a world-renowned golf course to a climbing gym and extensive hiking trails. You can slow down and take in the awe inspiring scenes at Lake Washington or visit any of the many parks in the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a dental clinic Shoreline residents trust for the best dental care, look no further than the dental clinic of Emerson, DDS. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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