Insurance Spotlight

Navigating dental insurance can often be an overwhelming task. There can be rare exclusions and complicated coverage structures that can baffle even the most seasoned Financial Coordinator. At North Seattle Restorative and Preventive Dentistry, we seek to conquer those challenges and ease the burden of understanding for our patients. We are ready to take your calls and help answer any questions you may have about the dental plan that your employer selected for you or that you have privately purchased.

Did you know the “yearly maximum” you are given by your dental insurance hasn’t changed in over 20 years? Did you know some plans make you wait an entire year before paying any benefit towards the dental work you need? Those are only a few of the strange mandates we come across. In this Insurance Spotlight section, we will breakdown frequently asked questions, explore topics about dental insurance and define words in your dental insurance contract (i.e. “exclusion clauses” and “pre-existing conditions”).

While we strive to make sure we are utilizing your insurance benefits to their full extent here at North Seattle Restorative and Preventive Dentistry, we encourage to you to know your benefits. We hope to help you feel confident navigating your insurance with the information you learn. We want your voices heard and your questions answered. Please join us as we shed some light on the confusion surrounding dental insurance.