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Composite Filling Kenmore

What are Composite Fillings (White Fillings)?

If you’re in need of a dental filling, you may want to consider composite fillings. Here at Emerson, DDS, we offer high quality dental filling Kenmore services designed to help restore tooth function, manage pain and preserve the tooth. We provide patients with composite fillings which are made from tooth-colored resins filled with silicon dioxide or glass. When these types of fillings were introduced in the 1960s, they were only used for front teeth as they were not considered strong enough to withstand the wear and pressure of chewing. However, the modern composite fillings we use are a significant improvement on the original composite fillings. They can be placed on any tooth in the mouth with great success. Our composite fillings will not only restore function and prevent further decay of the tooth, but also provide cosmetic improvement. Contact us now to learn more about our composite filling Kenmore services.

Composite Restoration Fillings

Composite fillings in natural tooth-colored resins are used to replace a decayed, chipped, or fractured portion of a tooth.  These can be shaped on a tooth in the mouth directly, or can be glued into a tooth after the filling has been prepared in a lab. This composite material is a cost-effective synthetic glue which most commonly is a Bis-GMA or mixture of dimethacrylate monomers (TEGMA, UDMA, HDDMA) with silicate glass filler material.  Before hardening, composites taste and smell like strong chemical glue; but this dissipates quickly as they contain a photoinitiator which allows the material to harden (by polymerization) in blue spectrum curing light. 

Items using these composite materials are found in plastics ranging from the coffee lids at Starbucks to the windows, walls and chair frames on the airplanes manufactured by Boeing.

What are the Advantages of Composite Fillings?

If you’re in need of dental filling Kenmore services, contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer high quality composite fillings. Our composite fillings are:


Modern composite fillings consist of resins mixed with silicone dioxide. They form a strong bond with the tooth and result in a tooth that is stronger. The filling provides the tooth support when chewing.

The same color as teeth

Our fillings are designed to match your teeth’s natural color. We also offer white fillings Kenmore services to improve the appearance of damaged teeth. You laugh and smile with greater confidence.


Composite fillings are safe for you use. The resins do not leach or react with bodily fluids. They do not expand or contract as a result of temperature changes. They therefore do not put pressure on your teeth. Contact us now for the best composite restoration Kenmore services.

What are the Disadvantages?

Composite fillings may be superior to other available options, but they are not perfect. Patients may experience some sensitivity after the procedure. In addition to this, the color of the fillings may change when the patient drinks or eats foods that cause staining such as tea or coffee. We can, however, help you avoid this by applying a clear plastic coating over your teeth.
Composites also wear out much sooner than silver fillings. This is especially the case when they are used for filling larger cavities. They however, hold up well when they are used on smaller cavities.

Why Choose Composite Fillings vs. Silver Fillings?

If you have silver fillings, you may be considering having them replaced. Our composite filling Kenmore services also include the replacement of silver fillings even when they are not damaged. Replacing the silver fillings will give your teeth a more uniform and natural look. You won’t have to worry about the metal fillings and smile more confidently.

Silver filings do not bond to the tooth. They therefore do not provide adequate support to the tooth. Silver fillings also expand and contract as a result of temperature changes. This places stress on the teeth.

Concerns have been raised over the years about the mercury contained in silver fillings. There is concern that the mercury can get into the bloodstream. Composite fillings are therefore considered safer than silver fillings.

What is the Process of Composite Fillings?

Our composite restoration Kenmore process involves taking an x-ray to determine the depth and size of the decay. The decay is then removed and the inside of the cavity is prepared by roughening it to provide a surface for the resin to bond to. When the tooth is ready a desensitizing agent is placed and allowed to dry. A primer and a bonding agent are then placed and cured using a special blue light. The composite filling is then placed in layers. A specialized light is used to harden each layer.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

You can schedule an appointment for white fillings Kenmore services by filling our contact form or calling us directly on (425) 486-2715. We’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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