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Adult Dental Care Kenmore, WA

Adult Dental Care

For adults, dentistry is about managing and maintaining good dental health which is critical to enjoying an excellent quality of life. This not only directly relates to appearance and the ability to eat, dental health also directly relates to the general health of adults.

There is growing evidence that dental hygiene is critical to the general health of adults. The build-up of plaque on teeth, for example, commonly promotes the incidence of oral infection which can be life-threatening because infection can migrate to other body organs faster from the mouth than from any other location in the body. One example of this are the studies linking oral health to heart disease.

Our adult dentistry is also concerned about maintaining the natural teeth of our patients as long as possible. We offer options for up-grading function and appearance of teeth which have shifted or are crowded and consequently may be affecting the chewing bite of the patient. Our adult patients often decide to take advantage of options to improve the long-term stability as well as appearance of their natural teeth, or they may decide to use permanent or removable appliances (such as bridges or dentures) to replace teeth which are no longer functional or have become unsightly.



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